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The Greenstone Guide to Austin & The Hil Country



The Canyon Lake Gorge was formed during a flood in 2002 which carved the canyon in just a matter of days. It is owned by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, so it is only open for guided tours which are run by the Gorge Preservation Society. This place really is spectacular! There are dinosaur footprints, waterfalls, blue pools, and lots of fossiles and limestone. Definitely worth doing. I wish some of the pools were open for swimming since they look very inviting.


If you are coming from Austin, the Canyon Lake exit is BEFORE you get to the city of New Braunfels. Take IH 35 to the HWY 306 – Canyon Lake exit. -- Turn west on 306.  Follow 306 approximately 15 miles…. You will cross over the Guadalupe River twice (an area that tubers call the “horseshoe”). There is a traffic light after the second crossing….then you will drive through a little community called Canyon City…. Continue on 306, you will see the dam to the left in the distance.  At a flashing yellow light, you will turn left at the base of the dam on South Access Road.  There is also a sign that says “Canyon Lake Overlook” or something like that.  On South Access Rd., follow the base of the dam less than 1 mile. 

The first opportunity to turn right is into the Corps of Engineers - Canyon Lake Overlook.  Turn right on this road and follow it up the hill… you will soon see the lake on your right, but continue on… you will see the Corps office on the left but continue on…. The road will continue to a little turn-around area where there are some restrooms, and that is where you will park and meet. 


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